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Usage Help & Tips

See Also: Common Questions & Support Issues

Icons legend

The post has one or more links to outside sites.
The post has one or more links to Twitter.
The post has one or more links to Facebook.
The post has one or more links to Google.
The post has one or more links to LinkedIn.
The post has one or more links to Reddit.
The post has one or more links to GitHub.
The post has one or more links to KeyBase.
The post has one or more links to Scribd.
The post has one or more links to Wikipedia.
The post is a response to another post.
The post has one or more images.
The post is one of your favorite posts.
You have entered notes/user analysis for this post.

Mark a post as read or unread

All new posts will be shown as unread, as indicated by a white or red slim bar on the left hand column of the item, the first line in bold, and a subtle background color change. When you view the post it will automatically be marked as read. You can mark individual posts as read or unread by long-pressing the item in the list. To mark all posts as read or unread use the (dot dot dot) menu and select "Mark All Posts".


To mark a post as one of your favorites, when viewing the post tap the "Punisher Skull" icon. From the main list, to view all of your favorites, tap the "Punisher Skull" icon.

When tapping and viewing a post with this listing method, the next and previous post buttons will move you through your favorites rather than the entire list.

To return to viewing all posts just tap the icon in the main list again.

We chose the skull rather than a typical heart icon due to the nature of the mission Q team are undertaking. It just seemed more fitting ("pain coming").

Notes/User Analysis/Research on Posts

To enter notes for a post, when editing the post tap the "Notepad" icon. You can view all posts that you have entered notes for by tapping the "Notepad" icon from the main listings screen.

When tapping and viewing a post with this listing method, the next and previous post buttons will move you through your posts that have notes rather than the entire list.

To return to viewing all posts just tap the icon in the main list again.


You can search posts via the "Magnifying Glass" icon at the top of the list. Tap the icon and then enter your search word or phrase. You can also search by the post number (example: 1776) or date (date must match the format the list displays the dates as).

This will filter the list to only show posts that have the search term contained within the post. The system will search the post number, date, main content, any referenced content such as a post made by an Anon, and also any notes that you may have entered.

When it comes to paging through post details, unlike the "Favorites" and "Notes" paging mentioned above, with this option the next and previous buttons DO page through ALL posts, however, when doing so, if the search term is found the app will highlight it. To only view posts that are found in the search results you will need to exit out of the detail view and tap the next post in the list.

To return to viewing all posts tap the "X" in the search bar two times.

Refreshing the list

If you have the app open and a new drop comes in or when you open the app when it is closed, the list will refresh automatically.

To refresh the list manually you can either:

Show thumbnails in the list

By default, for performance and device memory usage reasons, thumbnail images associated with the posts are not shown. You can enable them via the menu and "Show Thumbs in List".

Limiting the number of posts displayed.

By default all posts are shown. You can limit the number of posts displayed via the menu and "Max Posts to Show".

Copying to clipboard

When viewing a post, you can long press on any section to copy it's content to your devices clipboard for pasting elsewhere. To copy the entire post content use the "Share" icon instead and select "Copy to Clipboard" from the list of sharing options presented. The same principles apply to items within the "Abbreviations and Codes Used by Q" listings.

Viewing further post details

When viewing a post and you want to view it on one of the popular post sites, use the top menu within the post details screen. With this you will have the option to view the post on "8Chan" (the direct source of all posts), "QAnon.app" or "QMap.pub".

Viewing definitions

Not sure what an abbreviation means? Use the "Padlock" icon to view abbreviations and codes used by Q and the Anons.

Keep in mind, new abbreviations are being used constantly and not all abbreviations will be in this list as it's impossible to keep up with on the development end. However, if you would like to contribute a suggestion for the list, it really helps when the community contributes as well. Just make sure it is well vetted and not just your speculation or assumption. You can contribute via the "+" icon.

Offline usage

The app is offline aware. If you have no Internet connection the app will load the posts from the database and also give you a short notice that it is doing so. It will also allow you to view keys/definitions/abbreviations offline. Obviously certain things won't function offline like viewing posts or images on the chans or watching YouTube videos.

As far as images go, Android caches images for an undisclosed amount of time so images that have been viewed should still show. If you enable "Auto Save Images" from the main menu, the app will display the locally saved images rather than continually downloading or checking the Internet for the images. Keep in mind, images are only automatically saved when you view a post so, to ensure that all images are available for offline mode, you would need to slice away 20 minutes or so to page through every single post.

Want to try it out in case of a grid or Internet down situation? Turn off your WiFi and also your mobile network and then open the app.

Bug reporting

In the unlikely event that you find a bug or software glitch, use the upper right hand menu, select "App Version/Support" and then "Email Support". This option also emails us details about your configuration that will better aid us in helping you. Within the email please describe the issue in decent detail and also take and attach screenshots if possible.

Common Questions & Support Issues

See Also: Usage Help & Tips

1: Whatever the issue, Android users, first and foremost, UPDATE to the latest version.

Bug fixes, refinements and feature additions do you absolutely no good if you are not running the version that contains them.

Open the "Play Store" app on your device, tap the three bars menu in the upper-left, select "My apps and games" and check to see if there are any "Updates pending". You can also search for the app and tap it to view the app listing details and see if there is an update button available. If you see a "open" button then there is not an update available.

2: I'm not receiving alerts (push notifications)

Notification Settings: First step, open "Settings" on your Android device. Go to "Apps & Notifications". Then find "Q Alerts" and tap it. Review all of the "Notifications" settings. For users running more recent versions of Android, also be sure to tap and review the section entitled "Q Alerts Notifications". You might also ensure that your device is not in DND (do not disturb) mode or that Q Alerts can interupt when in DND.

Try unsubscribing to alerts and re-subscribing: From within the app, tap the Menu (dot dot dot) and then select "Sounds". In Q Alerts versions above 7.1.2 there is a button entitled "Unsubscribe/Reset All Notification Channels". Once the notice is received, completely close the app via the Android back button from the main listings screen. Go into the app again and it will re-subscribe you to alerts. If this latter option (alternate channel) works for you, please let us know.

If this does not work, repeat the process and select "Yes" after tapping the botton to try the alternate notifications channel. Once again, you will need to close the app and reopen it to subscribe to the new channel.

Aftermarket Launchers: We've only personally has an issue with no notifications showing up in Q Alerts when we installed an after market "launcher" app from Google Play. Once we uninstalled the app and reverted back to the stock Android launcher, uninstalled Q Alerts and reinstalled it again, the notifications began coming in again. If you stopped receiving notifications after installing a custom launcher, we advise doing what we did, at least as a troubleshooting step.

Other Solutions Until Resolved: In order to help ensure that you get alerts as you are working to solve whatever issues are causing you to not get alerts, if you are running the paid version of Q Alerts, you can also install Q Alerts LITE and see if that at least gets you notifications. Of course if you are running the LITE version you could purchase the paid version and run them both. You can run both versions on the same device with no issues. Another thing that you can do if running Android is, open Google Chrome on your Android device and visit https://qalerts.app/posts/. Then tap the "Bell" icon (bottom-right). This will allow Chrome to alert you when Q drops, even if your browser is not open.

Interferring Unrelated App(s): It is worth noting that in some of our searching, some users (of other apps) reported that the app in question stopped receiving notifications after they installed another unrelated app. It then began working again when they uninstalled the unrelated app. You might think back to what (if anything) you've installed since the last time Q Alerts notifications worked and try uninstalling that app... at least as a test.

Tech Support Test Alert: Starting with Q Alerts version 7.1.2 you can now send yourself a test alert to test notifications. Within the "Sounds" menu within the app, tap the "Request Test Notification" button. It *seems* that this has helped a couple of users.

Nothing to do with an app update: If you stop receiving alerts, it has NOTHING to do with an app update as we do not change the notifications code when we release updates... no need to. The notifications system is easy... we just send your unique token and to Google Firebase and they handle it from there. Keep in mind, if we did and that broke something, we would be receiving a good ten thousand emails not just one.

Change the sound: IF you are lucky enough to be running an Android version where Q Alerts allows you to choose from which sound that you like from within the app "Sounds" screen, try changing to a different sound. We suggest default.

Battery Optimization: Search Android Settings for "Battery Optimization" and turn optimization off for Q Alerts. Some Internet articles have suggested this worked for some users of other apps that ceased to receive push notifications.

Battery Saver Feature: For one user, he states, "It was the low battery saving feature. Once I opted out, it was fixed".

Android Issues: The long and the short is, Android has issues, especially when it comes to push notifications! Just do a Google search for "no longer receiving Android push notifications" and you'll find a plethera of issues for all kinds of apps and devices.

The truth of the matter is our app and the server scripts that send notifications work off of just one or a few very simple lines of code. The long and the short is, the app just sends your unique device token as well as the topic/channel name you want to subscribe to (qalerts, qalertsfree, qalerts1, qalerts2...) to Google Firebase Cloud Messaging. The server script sends one line of simple code (topic, title, content, sound, vibrate, etc) to Google Firebase Cloud Messaging. They then handle sending the notification to each token that is subscribed to that topic.

Other than the few user settings mentioned at the beginning of this section, this is clearly an Android and/or Google issue! It is NOT the Q Alerts app period, otherwise it wouldn't work for 99.9999% of users. There is not much we can do so please do not leave us a scathing review because we can't fix Android/Google nor spend 8 hours helping you troubleshoot your Android device issues for $.99-$1.49 (chances are slim it would do any good anyway). Believe it or not, it bothers us if something is nothing working, bothers us badly, however, there is nothing that we can do. Article after article on the Internet is ridden with users who can't get this fixed on a wide variety of apps and devices. With all of that being said, with tens of thousands of users, to date we've only had around 10 users have this issue and it seems to only come up for a single user maybe every 4-8 weeks or so and then all of the sudden, weeks later, for often no apparent reason, they email us and say it started working again. Go figure.

Good luck Patriot! Wish we could be of more help! If worse comes to worse, until you get the issue figured out, you may want to signup for our free email alerts to get you by.

3: Apple has removed ALL QAnon apps from the App Store

For more information click here. We suggest Apple user signup for our free email alerts should alerts eventually stop going to Apple devices, which is sure to happen eventually.

4: No new posts showing since ??/??/???? Is the app broken?

At times QAnon goes dark. This can be for days or sometimes weeks. This is why you have not received any notifications recently and why no new posts are showing up. You can always confirm this via sites such as www.QAnon.app. Rest assured, when Q posts, you will receive a notification and the latest Q posts will be displayed.

5: Q just now posted but I haven't received an alert

Occasionally we get support emails from users who saw a new Q drop come in litterally seconds ago and think that the app is broken since they haven’t received an alert yet. Our servers check for new posts every few minutes so as not to take advantage of the source data sites that so graciously host data for the cause. Additionally, all of the source data sites only complile the latest data every minute or few. Just be patient.

For Android users, we have noticed in very rare situations, Android devices simply for no reason decide to no longer deliver alerts to a particular device. See the topic "I'm not receiving alerts (push notifications)" listed further above.

6: The alerted post is not showing in the post listings

At times users may get an alert of a new post yet the post isn’t yet showing up in Q Alerts. Just give it 60 seconds or so and use the refresh button or pull the list down to refresh.

Many Patriot sources write and run server scripts to scrape the chans and aggregate the data from multiple boards into a combined file. These scripts generally run between every 1 to 3 minutes or so. There is always a possibility of a bit of a lag as data propagates the various servers. There isn’t a realistic method to do this in real-time without being disrespectful of our fellow Patriots servers. If scripts were to run every second that would create more problems since the remote file to be read would constantly be being written to disk.

Also keep in mind, all things QAnon come under attack periodically. There have been many cases where source data sites have went (or have been taken) down or have experienced other outages and attacks. Sometimes it takes time for various sites and products to get things back up and going again. If things are down for more than 10 minutes or so, it may not hurt to send us a support email so that we can look into it. It is possible we are not aware (yet).

Additionally, from time to time we will send an alert notifying users of a new app update or in rare cases an outage. If you somehow missed the alert and are confused because no new Q post is showing up, send a support email and the auto reply message should have the latest notification listed.

6b: Within the app, compare the top-most post number (e.g. 2753). Then open a site such as QAnon.pub or QMap.pub and see what the highest post number is that is listed on those sites. If theirs is something like 2753 and yours is something like 4200, then somehow, possibly an internet hickup, went south and you have many duplicate posts stored in the database. The few users who have run into this had to use "Force Full Refresh" to see the latest post, and it had a much higher post number than it should have had. To correct this, use "Reset Database" from the main menu. Pay close attention to the warning message that is presented.

7: Custom notification sounds for Android 8 and above

For more information click here.

8: The app locks up around post #128 and #132

This is due to a couple of the source images being horrendously large. Since all images are now hosted on our servers, they now are scaled to be no wider/higher than 4096 pixels. Be sure you are running version 6.2.7 or above. If you have "Auto Save Images" enabled and you have previously viewed Post #128 or #132, the images have been saved to your devices SD card. Open an app such as "ES File Explorer" or another advanced file explorer app and search your device for the folder "Q Alerts Media". Within that folder located and delete the following images: "128(1) 1510280445405.jpg" and "132(r1) Q Graphic.png". Once deleted, when you view those two posts again they should download again at the smaller sizes and the problem should be resolved.

9: Sometimes slow refreshing after a new drop

The movement is much larger than portrayed, and Q followers are passionate. When a new Q post comes in, imagine, the vast majority of users all hit the server all at the same time. Just relax. You'll see that most all other times the refreshes are extremely quick, especially considering the massive amounts of data being loaded.

Users are hitting the server not only from Q Alerts for Android, but Q Alerts for iOS (those who were lucky enough to get the app before Apple banned it), our free email notifications system, users using the web version and users visiting it from the web-based notifications system (see the bell icon that is displayed on supported browsers and OS's). We aren't Amazon, Google or Microsoft... we don't have a 10 billion dollar server farm and hundreds of employees. Relax :).

10: Retrying in 3 Seconds

The movement is growing. When Q initially makes a new drop, a multitude of users all hit the servers all at the same time which can cause any server to become sluggish. Many of us have seen sites, 8chan included and even government sites go down due to the massive traffic Q can bring to them all at once. Rather than having users wait it out via a long timeout (such as 30, 45 or 60 seconds), the app gives 5 seconds to obtain a response from the primary server and then tries a secondary resource for the post data. If that one times out, it tries a tertiary fallback resource. We do our best to think way ahead and plan for a multitude of senarios and fail-safes.

11: Amazon S3 media hosting

Much of the same applies from the above (retrying in 3 seconds) topic. All media is saved at multiple resources for fallback/performance reasons. When massive amounts of users all hit the server(s) at the same time immediately after a Q drop, that can also make media (images, videos) included in the post load painfully slow for a short stint. Therefore, as of 2/22/2019, we've made Amazon S3 the primary location for media files as they have the massive infrastructure to ensure media loads very quickly regardless of how many users are hitting our servers. In the event that any issues arise with Amazon, we change a couple of lines of code on our servers and the media then comes directly from our servers.

Regarding Amazon, we're not putting anything confidential out there... each and every media file is easily found publically at multiple places on the Internet (QMap.pub, QAnon.pub, etc). In fact, we don't even have, have access to nor store any confidential or user indentifying information. See Privacy Policy.

Sure, no one wants to fund companies Q or POTUS have called out, but that includes Google, Apple, Twitter, FaceBook, Amazon and pretty much all of them. We all still are reliant on the CA tech companies at this stage in history. POTUS still uses an iPhone and Twitter, pretty much every person still shops on Amazon, use a Google or Apple device, funds Google via Play Store purchases and/or YouTube ad revenue, etc. The amount of money we pay them to host the media files is miniscule vs. the great improvement in speed and accessibility during peak times.

12: Source URL error

It is looking like this problem is no longer an issue in newer versions of Q Alerts (6.0+). It is something we are keeping an eye on. It seems to intermittently happen when launching the app via a notification. This generally seems to be related to the above. The source of the combined posts is possibly in the process of writing the new file to disk. Use the refresh button in Android or pull down the list in iOS to refresh.

13: Bug reporting

In the unlikely event that you find a bug or software glitch, use the upper right hand menu, select "App Version/Support" and then "Email Support". This option also emails us details about your configuration that will better aid us in helping you. Within the email please describe the issue in decent detail and also take and attach screenshots if possible.

14: Refund policy.

Google Play allows you to use the app for up to 48 hours and get a refund if you are not satisfied with it. You can automatically get a refund by clicking the "refund" button on the app listing in Google Play. We do not issue refunds for the tiny $1.29 USD amount after 48 hours. 48 hour is more than enough time for a user to try the app and decide if it is what they're looking for or not. Besides, for that tiny amount of money, the user got $1.29 worth of value using the app for two days. For more information on Google Play's refund policy click here.

15: Are we PAY-triots?

KEK. No! We've been busting our a$%s tirelessly in the Patriot movement for many years trying to restore our Republic, often at great personal expense. We charge $1.49 for the app. After Google takes their cut we are left with about $1. No one is getting rich. In fact, we have run quite a few free specials in the past for weeks at a time. We basically shut the doors of our main bread and butter business periodically, sometimes for a few weeks+ of 16 hr days to write the app for both platforms. The app also consumes (minimal) resources on our leased servers. We basically have become (and still seem to be) our own self-induced sweat-shop. And of course it takes an incredible amount of time to provide user support, updates, etc. Weekends? Evenings? What are those? Also note that we offer the free email alerts, web-based alerts (not supported by all browsers and OS's), web posts, have developed other free resources such as the meme maker, and the list goes on.

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