We, along with feedback from Twitter users in May of 2020, have compiled the follow list of of resources to aid newcomers in finding YouTube channels that can help them get up to speed with explainations on QAnon and on decoding Q posts.

Not all are specifically QAnon related, but those who are not do provide useful news/reporting. Additionally some websites are listed to aid in researching.

Neither the YouTube channel list nor the website list is exhaustive. There are plenty of other great sources of information as well. However, there are also plenty of bad sources of information. In Q's own words "be careful who you follow". We do not necessarily agree with all content on all listed channels. In fact, there are a few that we hesitated to put on the list due to them occasionally either being grossly wrong (AS), having an occasional history of wild speculation, sensationalism and/or getting way off into the weeds. However, we feel it is important to keep "gate keeping" to a minimum. Please do your own research and always use logical thinking.

The YouTube channels list is sorted by subscriber count (over 30,000) as of 4/20/2020.

48 YouTube Videos/Channels

48 Reference Web Sites

There are no financial aggreements or arrangements between the developers and the channels/sites on this list.