Standard QAnon Posts RSS Feed

The standard RSS feed includes the last 20 Q drops. Use the URL below to add to your RSS reader app of choice. For mobile device users, especially iOS users, we suggest a RSS reader that also provides push notifications so that you can get a alert when Q Anon drops.

Feed URL:

Full RSS Feed with ALL Q Drops

The full feed has ALL QAnon posts in it. Using the full feed is not suggested or encouraged as it takes considerably more time for your RSS reader to download and parse the file, not to mention consumes more of our server resources. Also keep in mind battery usage and bandwidth on mobile devices. We suggest using the standard feed (above) that will query the last 20 posts, therefore alerting you of new drops. Then use our web page to read past posts in a much easier to view and digest fashion.

Full Feed URL:

Did You Know?

Not only can you install a RSS feed reader on your mobile device in order to be notificed of and read QAnon posts, many other apps and technologies support this as well. For example, the Mozilla Thunderbird email client has an RSS reader. Here is a link on how to subscribe to RSS feeds in Thunderbird.

iPhone, iPad, iOS Users QAnon Post Alerts/Notifications

For those not aware, Apple pulled, based on a hit piece and pressure from MSNBC, all Q Anon apps from the Apple App Store. Read more here.

Sadly, iOS users can not even have web browser based notifications like every other platform can (Linux, Windows, Android, Mac) because iOS does not support them. Note: The browser based notifications are available by visiting the website and tapping the bell icon that is displayed on the bottom-right after the page loads.

iOS (and any other users) can now install a RSS feed reader app on their devices and then add our RSS feed (see links above) to their RSS feed reader app. It is important to be sure to chose an app that also can provide notifications when new posts are posted. We suggest, if you have the option, to have the reader check every 5 minutes or so and provide an alert/push notification upon the detection of a new post.