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This article is primarily intended for our great customers who have spent (in the U.S.) 99¢ (of which we generally get 69¢ to develop and maintain the app) on purchasing our app from the Apple App Store. We understand that you, as do we, place great value and importance on the information displayed within the app, as well as being able to be notified via mobile when Q posts.

As of 7/20/2018, Apple has removed ALL apps from their App Store that show QAnon posts. The "Q Alerts" app was the last to be pulled. Earlier in the week they pulled the "QDrops" and "QAnon" apps.

Understand that in essense all that our app does is: A) Notify users via push notification when QAnon makes another post. This is important for many people who, of their own free will, like to follow Q, so that they can know when Q makes a post, even if they're mobile. B) Displays the QAnon post within the app via a JSON data feed from 8chan (much like any RSS feed reader). This makes it much easier for use on mobile devices. The app is essentially a convenience tool for mobile users. We do not control the content. It is worth noting that sites with the same content can be viewed in Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

New to Q and curious about what all of the hubbub is about? Take a look at the oh so scarry (sarcasm) QAnon posts via or You'll see what it is and what it is not. Think logically. For U.S. Android users, in an effort to get the word out about Q, and in light of the current attacks, starting 7/22/2018 at midnight GMT, for a period of 7 days Q Alerts will be offered for FREE on Android. After all, it's about the message not the money.

Apple states that the content (that Q (arguably a team of United States Military intelligence officers) and Q+ (arguably POTUS) posts) is in violation of "Safety - 1.1" in their review guidelines and is content that many users would find objectionable and offensive content and is no longer appropriate for the App Store.

We attempted on multiple occasions to address their concerns by adding a feature for users of the app to be able to report any potentially objectionable content for review and possible removal. Additionally, we updated the iOS app to not display posts that Q was responding too, since on very limited occasions these were posts by Anon's that had content that some users could find objectionable. At this point in time the app still has the ability to remotely block content, even Q's content should it be deemed to violate section 1.1. To reiterate, at this point, 7/21/2018 at 3PM Eastern, the iOS app ONLY displays posts by Q and Apple has not responded with any specific QAnon posts that they deem objectionable per section 1.1 of their review guidelines. Should it be of interest to Apple, we are more than willing to make the app free so that Apple is not criticized for profiting from the app.

Understand, that even though we Patriots disagree with their decision, that as a private company, Apple has every right to choose what content they allow on their platform. Also understand that it appears that activists/media are using this as a tactic to suppress what information the American (and world) people have access to by means of pressuring Apple and by putting the Apple brand in a bad light for giving their customers the option of choosing to install such apps of their own free will. We understand and respect Apples right to protect their brand name.

The majority of the developers of QAnon mobile apps are, and have been for weeks, in direct phone and email communication with one another, communicating and documenting the exact timeline of events, including contact by news media (NBC only at this point), and have worked together as fellow Patriots to try to assist one another in making any needed changes to address Apple's concerns and ensure that the apps remain on the App Store for those who value and use them on a daily basis.

At this point in time, it does not look like it is going to be possible for any of the Q apps to be reinstated and made available on the App Store, despite the app being very popular among Apple users (the "Q Alerts" app was the #3 ranked paid app in the News category on the App Store at the time it was removed). Due to this we are no longer able to issue updates to the app for users who have purchased it via the App Store. It is also possible that notifications will cease to function at some point in time for Q Alerts on Apple devices. This is all 100% beyond our control.

It appears that much of this stems from what we see as a hit piece laden with inaccuracies by NBC News. This could be another attempt by opposing interest to pressure Apple to remove viewpoints that they disagree with.

This does appear eerily similar to what happened last year to "Human Coalition" where a pro-life app was pulled from the App Store after Apple was criticized by pro-choice activists. See Fox News article here. To this date, the "Human Coalition" app has not been reinstated to the App Store, although an app by "Planned Parenthood" remains. The Human Coalition app continues to do well on the Google Play Store.

Remember Q post 1585 and Q post 1534. We figured that POTUS (Q+) and the Q Team (Q) were either aware or soon to be aware of the situation. This has now been confirmed via Q post 1687 and 1688. However, as mentioned before, it is Apple's right so we don't expect Q+/Q to get involved. This does however further help to define the players and their positions for the history books. It would be quite a nice surprise to see Apple and others allow all viewpoints on their platforms so that a free and able to think for themselves people can decide what content they want to view. As for the MSM, we are sure the list mentioned in Q post 1516 is still growing. Congratulations MS/NBC, you have 14 on the list. "Those with the most to hide scream the loudest". See Q post 743.

In closing, we pose one question; If QAnon is nothing more than a LARP (live action role play) or a bunch of conspiracy theory ridden nut jobs, then why the massive concerted effort to silence and suppress? Ask yourself, "why do they care?" They can't silence websites (8chan, They can attempt to silence apps. Is it really about 69ยข profit? Think logically. Why has QAnon warranted such attention by MSM organizations such as MSNBC? On the other hand, if QAnon is legit, then the Q movement poses an existential threat to the false narrative being presented to the American people and the world and thus must be silenced, suppressed and/or discredited. Perhaps someone in mainstream media would have the courage to ask President Trump about the legitimacy of QAnon. As mentioned in Q post 1644, "What do they fear the most? Public awakening. If they ask. They self destruct. They know this is real. See attacks. The build is near. Growing exponentially."

In the words of Q themselves, "think logically". History books are being written with every tick of the clock. Which side of history will you be on?

Enjoy the show! WWG1WGA