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QAnon Sound Files for Mobile Devices Running Q Alerts

In Android 8 and above you can select a different default sound file for apps under App settings and notifications. Below are the sound files we include within the app that you can download and place into your "/Notifications/" folder on your Android device, thus making them available to any app.

Note: We can not provide additional support for these tasks.

Step 1: Download the sound files via the links above. Then use a utility such as ES File Explorer to move them from your "Downloads" folder to your "Notifications" folder.

Step 2: Open Android settings and tap on "Apps & Notifications".

Step 3: Find "Q Alerts" in the list of apps, tap it and then tap "Notifications".

Step 4: Under the "Notifications" section you will see the "Notification Channel" named "Q Alerts Notifications". Tap it.

Step 5: Tap "Advanced".

Step 6: Tap "Sound" to select one of the sounds you have available on your device. If your downloading of the Q Alert sounds and moving them to the "Notifications" folder was done properly, you should see them in the list of choices. Select the one you wish to use and you're done.

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