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Q !!mG7VJxZNCI  
Dec 04, 2018 11:42:55 PM EST
Post 2548


https://twitter.com/Tom_Winter/status/1070140182907756544 [Dec 4, 2018] https://twitter.com/Tom_Winter/status/1070138096916799488 "NBC News: There appears, although the redacted documents do not make it completely clear, that there is a [[[+++separate criminal investigation going on outside of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's purview+++]]] for which Flynn has been providing significant assistance." Markers are important. [Dec 4, 2017] > [Dec 4, 2018] Think No Name. Did Mueller have a choice in making the recommendation? Who does Mueller 'now' report to? Does WHITAKER also oversee HUBER + OIG? What case(s) is HUBER + OIG + team of 470 currently working on? Who has the server(s)? Who has access to NSA UT Term1-12? Does FISA grant access to NSA umbrella collection? You are witnessing something [firsthand] that many cannot possibly comprehend or accept as reality [Sci-Fi or precision M_planning?] Coincidences > > > reveal w/o violating NAT SEC Coincidences > > > mathematically impossible to be 'FALSE' Coincidences > > > bypass 'installed' restrictions to prevent future legal attachments Comms understood? 5:5? SENATE WAS THE TARGET. Q

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