Web browser based notifications work on all major desktop browsers and the majority of mobile browsers.

Each operating system behaves a bit differently and as technology evolves, things will continue to change. At the time of writing, this is the general consensus:

  • Windows will only notify you of new alerts when the browser is open. Mac will alert you regardless.
  • Most mobile browsers will alert you regardless of whether the browser is open or not. Chrome seems to be the most reliable on Android. Strangely, these alerts work awesome on Mac, but they do not work on iOS as iOS does not yet support this industry standard.

To Subscribe to Web-Based Notifications:

  • Open the post page. This MUST be https://QAlerts.app NOT https://www.QAlerts.com.
  • Wait for the page to completely load.
  • Look for the red bell icon at the bottom-right of the browser. If one does not appear your browser or operating system does not support web-based notifications.
  • Tap or click the bell icon and whallah!