Note: The examples below are just that, examples. They are random and not designed to necessarily return results nor to be useful real-world examples.

Basic Searching

Just type the word or phrase you would like to search for into the Search Bar on the upper-right portion of the page and either press ENTER or click/tap the magnifying glass icon. Example: "POTUS"

Multiple Words/Phrases Search

Type each word or phrase you want to search for, separated by a pipe |sign. The | sign functions as an OR. This will return all posts that have any of your words or phrases within them. The system will also search 3 levels deep into reference posts. Example: "POTUS|Trump|President Trump|Has POTUS Ever Said|Q+".

Date Search

Type a date in the format dates are displayed in. For example: If you want to search for 12/22/2017, type in "Dec 22, 2017". If you want to search for December 22nd of any year, enter "Dec 22" and this will return ALL posts that were posted on 12/22 for all years. You can also use this with the "|" (or) operator. Examples: "Jan 31|Dec 22, 2017" to show all posts from any year on Jan 31st and also posts exactly on Dec 22, 2017. "Dec 22|Enjoy The Show" to show all posts from Dec 22 of any year and also posts that have the text Enjoy the Show in them.

Pulling Up Specific Posts

Just type in the post number with a preceding # sign. Example: "#3400"

This also works with the | (or) operator. For example, if you are preparing to do a YouTube video and want to reference posts 3803, 3800 and 14, type in "#3803|#3800|#14".

You can also combine bringing up multiple post #'s with words or phrases. For example, in addition to the post #'s above, if you also want to include all posts that reference "Durham" and "'Q' start", you would type in "#3803|#3800|#14|Durham|'Q' start".