First things first, we didn't start this project and develop all of the free tools, website and apps to make money or as a ploy to get donations or other monetary considerations. Although donations are accepted, nothing is "expected" from anyone. See Are We Pay-Triots here if you'd like.

With that out of the way, very little in this world is free. Someone is paying for it somewhere, often out of the goodness of their heart or as a sacrifice for something much greater. Helping our fellow man/woman-kind and supporting the Q movement is well worth any financial and time sacrifices we make at Q Alerts.

We do (did) make some money with the paid version of the Q Alerts app for Android, well, until Google banned it. However, with time spent, it for sure can be 3rd world country sweat-shop wages but as mentioned, sacrifice.

Additionally, as the movement grows exponentially we have to add more servers & resources to handle the load, not to mention more & more support requests.

iOS Get Pushed Notifications Expenses

iOS users using the "Get Pushed" app. We have to pay money each month for the "Get Pushed" subscription that is used to send notifications to you. We've got it covered fine for now, however as more users subscribe costs go up. At current (8/1/2019) the expense is around $50-$60/month depending on currency conversion rates. We anticipate that this will quickly grow to $120-$240+/mo and beyond exponentially.

The primary concern is that as more of the masses experience the great awakening, it very well may become cost prohibitive. IF you would like to help offset these expenses, any little bit helps.

Paid Language Translations

Since the movement is worldwide, in 2020 we also added 14 languages to the full version of the Q Alerts Android app as well as the websites that serve drops to all users. As each drop comes in, we pay for a automated service to translate each drop into the additional 14 languages. The cost is not tremendous... around $100-$200 per month.

Ways You Can Help Financially Support the Q Alerts Project

Below are 4 easy ways that those so inclined can help support all that we do here at We are greatful for your assistance in helping to share the load. Together we fight. WWG1WGA

Monthly or One-Time PayPal Donations

Purchase QAnon Swag @

Install and Use the Brave Web Browser

Ethereum ETH Donations