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Q !!mG7VJxZNCI  
Mar 11, 2019 6:04:56 PM EST
Post 3028
[RR] deposition week? [RR] departure thereafter? [MUELLER] report post deposition of [RR]? [MUELLER] sealed indictments installed [DC] prior to [RR] loss of power? Sealed indictments [DC][blockade last resort] installed post SESSIONS departure & WHITAKER assumption? Sealed indictment count [DC] post_SESSIONS departure? Sealed indictment count [DC] pre_WHITAKER assumption? Power of BARR? Can a sealed indictment be pulled post filing? [MUELLER] report > BARR? [Bruce Ohr] deposition last week? [Bruce Ohr] testimony dump thereafter? [Bruce Ohr] departure thereafter? What other dumps are scheduled to occur? Think timing. [Pelosi] pull threat to impeach? Effort to prevent DECLAS? Letter to POTUS from Pelosi/Schumer today? Subject of the letter? Was the 'impeachment' threat real? TALKING POINTS TO SATISFY LOONY LEFT [SHEEP DO NOT THINK FOR THEMSELVES] BASE? TALKING POINTS MEANT TO 'PROJECT OUTRAGE' ACROSS AMERICA [USING FAKE NEWS BLOW-HORN] TO JUSTIFY FAKE INVESTIGATIONS AND TAKE IN DONOR SUPPORT? Impeachment requires FACTS. Impeachment requires 2/3 vote of the SENATE. PROPAGANDA ARM OF [D] PARTY [FAKE NEWS] IS LOSING CONTROL OF THE NARRATIVE. THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS WIN. TRANSPARENCY & EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW. SAVE AMERICA. Q

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