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Q !!mG7VJxZNCI  
Jan 05, 2019 1:53:28 PM EST
Post 2646


>>4610613 Do you notice any similarities? D's attempt to turn the public against our police, ICE, and those who continually serve the public interest (protect)? Open borders w/ no Immigration & Customs Officials to safeguard the people? EU gov't attempt to turn the police against the people re: yellow vest protests? Police vs People _ EU D's attempt to sway public vs Police/ICE _ US A war against GLOBALISM. A war to retain SOVEREIGNTY. DIVIDE THOSE WHO POLICE & SAFEGUARD AGAINST THE PEOPLE THEY ARE SWORN TO PROTECT. CHAOS. MAKE THE PEOPLE FIGHT THEMSELVES VS ORIGINAL TARGETS (OLD GUARD). FAKE NEWS push of racism, fascism, sexism, every other …'ism' etc…. against those seeking to END GLOBALISM in favor of NATIONALISM (pride of heritage and culture - preservation & security/safety) is DESIGNED TO KEEP YOU SUBMISSIVE. Why do D's deploy and use 'racism' as their 'go-to' tactic when an argument or narrative cannot factually be substantiated? POTUS & BLACK COMMUNITY PRE_CANDIDACY? POTUS & BLACK COMMUNITY POST_CANDIDACY? RECONCILE. They want you DIVIDED. CONTROLLED SUBMISSIVE SHEEP. Posse Comitatus Act. Q

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