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Q !!mG7VJxZNCI  
Dec 21, 2018 11:12:27 AM EST
Post 2640
https://twitter.com/HillaryClinton/status/1076128583419088896 HUSSEIN "ISIS JV TEAM…." Did ISIS form on HUSSEIN's watch? Did HUSSEIN take care of business or allow them to expand? How long did it take POTUS to ERADICATE and DESTROY ISIS? THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP TO THE TRUTH. https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/197-military-officers-purged-by-obama/ Why did HUSSEIN attempt to destroy our military (weaken)? What was the 16-year plan to destroy America? Why did HUSSEIN install traitors at the highest levels of our Gov't? Think DOJ. Think FBI. Think C_A. Think NAT SEC. Why did HUSSEIN bring people into the WH who HATE AMERICA and what we stand for? What years did HRC serve as Sec of State? What years did ISIS expand? Why did HUSSEIN put restrictions on US MIL COMMAND re: ABILITY TO ATTACK TARGETS AT WILL > WH DIRECT APPROVAL REQ FOR EACH ACTION? FACTS NOT FICTION. BLIND SHEEP FOLLOW. EYES ON TARGET. Q

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