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Q !!mG7VJxZNCI  
Dec 02, 2018 1:03:21 PM EST
Post 2523




http://www.theintelligencer.net/news/top-headlines/2018/12/305th-military-police-company-deploys-to-guantanamo-bay/ https://www.military.com/daily-news/2018/03/28/when-it-comes-guantanamo-trump-truly-builder-chief.html https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/white-house/article210304199.html "They are unlawful enemy combatants" Questioning: Graham > KAV re: 'enemy combatants' [unusual?] Define 'Treason' EO effective 1.1.19? DOJ Office of Legal Counsel opinion re: detain re: US Citizen(s) re: 'Enemy Combatant' Drops combined paint a full picture. Do you believe in coincidences? May GOD BLESS those who fight to defend our great Nation. We, the PEOPLE. Q

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