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Q !!mG7VJxZNCI  
Nov 30, 2018 10:31:00 PM EST
Post 2514

Anonymous    Nov 30, 2018 10:26:17 PM EST

"New Clinton Foundation Whistleblower TBA Next Monday?" In a discussion between Hannity, John Soloman and Sara Carter, something new came to light about the Clinton Foundation investigation. HANNITY: Now: there’s something percolating that will probably break Monday. You’re both smiling. Do either one of you want to give the audience….well, a little heads up….. JOHN: I’ll give you some breaking news right now, Sean. Just two hours ago, federal prosecutors assigned to John Huber, the [Utah] US Attorney investigating the Clintons, reached out to a whistleblower in the Clinton Foundation, [this is the] first time we’ve seen contact between a Clinton Foundation whistleblower and that particular federal office. That just happened tonight. HANNITY: Are you talking about the one who’s home was raided? JOHN S.:No, this is a new—a different whistleblower that you might…’ll learn a lot on Monday, I betcha. HANNITY: All right, we’ll learn a lot more on Monday. Sara, last word… SARA: We need to keep our eyes— HANNITY: What’s the preview of Monday’s coming attraction? SARA (big laugh): I think we’ve got a lot to look forward to on Monday, Sean. And I think the American people are going to see that there was [something] happening behind the scenes at the FBS as well as the Dept of Justice. And Michael Horowitz has been doing a very deep dive into this…There’s gonna be a lot of breaking news in the next month and [in] the months to come. HANNITY: Amazing the year of the boomerang. We were right all along. It continues. ~20:20

>>4093483 Future will prove past. History books. JUSTICE. Enjoy the show. Q

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